Cyber security is a foundation for an organization long-term competitive advantage and success. We believe that any security and compliance control process needs to be a frictionless process that supports the speed and agility of the business. This belief guides us to help clients as they protect the confidentiality of proprietary and customer information, as well as the integrity and availability of their IT assets. 

          At ATGX we can help you:


  • Identify and protect what matters most to your organization (Trade Secrets, Brand, R&D, Data, customer database etc.).
  • Evaluate your current cyber and compliance program, align them with business goals.
  • Develop multi-year security and compliance process improvement plans. 
  • Right sized security and compliance controls to your organization.
  • Impart best practices to your  security and compliance program.
  • Provide support, staff augmentation and professional services to support your initiatives
  • Create metrics to monitor progress and ability to communicate security posture to non-IT executives
  • And more……..

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