ATG Affinity Solutions

ATG Affinity provides comprehensive business solutions for a wide range of organizations and their members, innovative programs offering unique benefits to associations, alumni associations, chambers of commerce, non-profit organizations, and corporate benefit programs.

User Friendly Selections:
ATG Product Suite, with 20+ different providers, enables us to design customized programs to match the demographic of your constituency.

Member Benefits:
Enhance your offering and increase membership value by offering competitive pricing on telecom and data products.

Non-Membership Dues Revenue:
Your organization will receive high monthly residual commissions based on member participation in each selected ACCESS TECHNOLOGY GROUP product or service!

ACCESS TECHNOLOGY GROUP understands your most valuable asset is your members. By assigning a direct sales and support associate ATG will work diligently to preserve value and goodwill between you and your members.

ATG’s experience in the telecom and data field will help guide your constituents to the solutions best suited for them.

Try ATG’s approach to providing greater benefit to your constituency while generating new revenues for your organization. Fill out the form below to contact us today for more information about our unique approach to affinity marketing.

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